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M O V I N G   S T O R I E S

For decades, Michael Hawk has developed a dynamic practice with media such as images, film /video, sound, and installations
in public spaces.
Over the course of his career, he has worked intensively on the challenge of conceptual visuals of a cultural, and rhythmic world of elements - from the perspective of subjective perception -
with all their joy, horror, beauty, pain, virtuosity, and magic.
In addition to its own footage, Hawk collects network-based imagery,
social photographs, music clips, memes, and viral news material
to highlight the absurdity /necessity of images for an apprehension
of the present.
Often inviting visitors to an unexpected view of familiar patterns or locations, he light-paints by projecting on surfaces such as buildings,
containers or organic structures, like trees.
His research on resonances lead to visual transformations becoming medial narratives - just as the analogous
  ritual gestured code of a shaman who, in the midst of his tribe
  and under the influence of certain energies, unveils hidden elementary
connectivities. Calling himself an art nomad, Hawk attempts to 're-identify' spaces with his pictoral motion stories.


Thesis: according to defined biological abberations,
over time we increasingly lose the ability to recognize & realize
  connections between the components of what we are seeing.
Intertwining art and architectural space, Hawk integrates structures of traditional art presentation into new (contemporary) location concepts. By the means of varying approaches and techniques
his works are to 'serve as a kind of non-linear magnifying glass', enabling more accurate perceptions of formative processes.

  Hawk is living in Rotenburg in Lower Saxony, further developing his nomadic pieces and
series of installations in public spaces. Currently, the artist is working on 'CineGoRound' - high-resolution endless animated loops as a result from photographs, altered by manual image animation.


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